PCM Epoxy (part of PCM group) is one of the major “full spectrum” Epoxy resins and related materials supplier based in Asia(China, Taiwan and Korea), we have 3 major Epoxy plants along with 6 associated Epoxy curing agents and modifiers manufactures to form us one of the strongest Epoxy supplying network based in Asia.

During past couple decades of development, Asia has become the largest Epoxy market in the world since 2002/3. Taking this trend, we grow with the market and make us the most competent supplier in the market, in addition to that, we have been successfully exporting thousands metric tons of materials (annually) to over 30 major countries all over the world.

 Our product line include

a. Base Epoxy resins:   
b. Epoxy modifiers and additives.
c. Epoxy curing agents.
d. Epoxy raw materials and their derivatives. 

Due to our commitment on quality assurance along with our sophisticate service network, we have offered our products and services to all varieties of Epoxy applications including:
Coatings, Inks, Adhesives, Composites, Castings, Ceramics, Textiles and Electric & Electronics industries.

 Based on above scenario we focus our efforts on following strategies:

a. Full products line: We offer full spectrum of product line both on resins and related raw     materials, which helps our customers to gain the benefits of one-stop-shop service..
b. Full package of services: Full package of services both on logistics handling and technical     support. Which enhances our customer’s competent in the industry.
c. Global delivery program: We supply raw materials globally, in order to meet
    multinational users global procurement program.
d. Tolling and custom-made: By utilizing our production/cost advantages, we offer tolling     manufacturing or custom-made services to our customers. .   

Through above dedicated strategies, we commit to help our customers to strengthen their competent when facing the “flat world” competition.